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In Loving Memory: Khalsa Ji
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Videos: Grand Kirtan Darbar in tribute to Khalsa Ji
Downloadable Kirtan by Khalsa Ji.
Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji Kirtani Sewak Jatha sweeps Aussies off their feet!
By Sardar Amarjit Singh
Special Kirtan Programme in memory of Giani Jagjit Singh Khalsa
Sant Samagam 2001
Open Letter to the Sangat
By Giani Sukhdaiv Singh
Chairman's New Year Message
Giani Mahinder Singh Khalsa
Icon in Singapore Samelans
By Sharanpreet Kaur
Gurmat Camps in the United Kingdom
By Sardar Runjeet Singh Khalsa (U.K)
Samelans in Australia
By Giani Sukhdaiv Singh


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